A, S & S NP Delivery Group Committee

Our constitution says that the activities of the NP Delivery Group are coordinated through a Committee of local residents representing the members.

The AS&S NP DG Committee consists of a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 9 members who are local residents of either Sunninghill & Ascot or Sunningdale parishes and who are representatives of project or subject groups formed to progress the purpose of the NP DG, as defined in the Constitution. One committee member may be co-opted as a representative of SPAE so as to encourage close and regular communication between AS&S NP DG and SPAE.

The current committee members are listed below. If any local resident is interested in joining the committee please email us at DeliveryGroup@ascotandthesunningsNP.com.

Jeff Bygrave

Jeff moved to South Ascot 4 years ago with his wife, Lisa. Since moving to Ascot, they’ve grown their family (born at Heatherwood Hospital) and now both their boys are attending local schools in the village.

Keith Cameron

Keith has lived in Ascot for 33 years and spent most of his career in Retail, being a Director of four publicly quoted companies for over 20 years. He is Secretary of SPAE (Society for the Protection of Ascot & Environs), was a member of a Neighbourhood Plan Project Team and Chair of the Vote Yes Campaign.

Patrick Griffin

Patrick has been a resident of Sunningdale for 25 years and feels that getting involved with neighbourhood planning is an opportunity to give something back to the community by helping to shape how it develops over the next few years.

Patrick was a member of the AS&S NP Steering Group and is also Chairman of SPAE (Society for the Protection of Ascot & Environs), a long standing group acting as the planning watchdog for local residents throughout the SL5 postal area. The NP Delivery Group and SPAE enjoy a close and collaborative working relationship.

Jackie McCarten

Jackie moved to the area over 20 years ago after spending several years abroad. Her four children attended St Francis RC Primary and her last child was born at Heatherwood Hospital. She has a background in Education and was latterly an Early Years Teacher and Special Needs Coordinator. Jackie was a member of the Neighbourhood Plan Community Project Team looking closely at Education Provision in the area.

Margaret Morgan

Margaret lives in South Ascot with her husband Robert. They moved from Bristol 33 years ago, attracted to the area by its green and leafy character. Her two children Oliver and Hannah were born in Heatherwood Hospital and attended Cheapside Primary School. Her background was in the Food industry and she now invests in business and property.

Margaret was previously Co-Chair of the AS&S NP Steering Group, which delivered the Neighbourhood Plan. She is also Vice-President of SPAE.

Catharine Paige

Catharine has lived in North Ascot for 25 years, her sister and parents also live in the area. Both her children were born at Heatherwood hospital and attended Charters School. Catharine has worked as an engineer and a secondary school teacher and was involved in the development of the Neighbourhood Plan. She has a particular interest in protecting our green spaces for wildlife and helps to run Wildlife in Ascot.

Diana Tombs

Diana has lived in Sunninghill for nearly 30 years and has always had an interest in the history of the local village and the community. Her background is in business and marketing; she used to run a marketing agency but is now self-employed, doing marketing and business consultancy.

Diana was a member of the AS&S NP Steering Group and was the lead author of the Neighbourhood Plan that was successfully voted in at the public referendum.