Borough Local Plan Consultation – more details

We are facing up to 30% more homes in our area – where are the roads, schools and GP surgeries to support them? This is NOT what our Neighbourhood Plan envisaged.

The RBWM draft Borough Local Plan (BLP) is out for public consultation (closing date for submissions 13 January 2017).

The NPDG has prepared a summary on the BLP and the issues that most impact on our area. To read this, click here. This gives more detail on projected housing numbers (up to 2,191 new homes) and aspects of the BLP policies which concern us.

The most important points are:

  1. We believe that the BLP policy for Ascot Town Centre does not reflect what is in our NP and is not what the local community wants. We OBJECT to the removal of the area South of Ascot High Street from the Green Belt.

2.  The number of housing units proposed for the 9 allocated sites in our area is 991, which is very much higher than was envisaged in our Neighbourhood Plan. We are also concerned that developers may apply pressure to increase these numbers. In the NPDG’s view, the proposed housing numbers for these sites are very high and we would object very strongly indeed to any arguments for increasing them.

3.  The BLP proposes to remove Sunningdale Park, Heatherwood and Shorts sites from the Green Belt. Although our Neighbourhood Plan allows for development on these sites, our policies are based on their remaining in Green Belt, thereby providing some constraints on the amount and type of development that could take place on them. We want Sunningdale Park, Heatherwood and Shorts sites to remain classified as “Previously Developed Land” in Green Belt and NOT be removed from Green Belt.

4.  Although not clearly set out in the BLP, we estimate that we will have an additional c. 1,200 homes from “windfall sites” in our area – making the total number of houses over the next 20 years approx. 2,191. This represents a massive increase of c. 30% on the present number.

5.  We want the Borough to promise to provide the infrastructure that is needed to cope with this development. A promise that, as a minimum, ALL Community Infrastructure Levy (“CIL”) developer contributions, including those from Windfall sites, generated from sites in Ascot and the Sunnings – are spent on infrastructure in our area. This seems only fair.

6.  BLP policies, especially the Design policies and the site Proformas should reflect and    reinforce NP policies that seek to protect the character of our area.

Please respond to this Borough Local Plan consultation.

Tell the Borough what infrastructure you want – for example:

  • List roads that need widening
  • Roundabouts that need improving
  • Where more car parks are needed
  • We need more school places, especially Primary
  • More GP surgeries
  • More open spaces
  • Better community facilities
  • Safe cycle ways and more public footpaths
  • Improved drainage and sewage systems
  • Address problems with surface water flooding
  • Faster Broadband
  • More reliable water and electricity supply

Add to your response your views on Ascot Town Centre, the other allocated housing sites and other BLP policies – See the summary prepared by the NPDG.