Borough Local Plan submitted for examination

The Royal Borough submitted the Borough Local Plan to the Secretary of State (which means the Planning Inspectorate) for examination. All documents are available to view on the Council’s website at:¬†

The Plan submitted is the same Plan that was consulted on at Regulation 19, to which we strongly objected, sending in one submission as part of RBWM Residents Action Group (RRAG) and a supplementary one on more specific issues relating to our area. If you wish to read our submissions, go to the Library section of our website

The ASandS NPDG continues to be strongly opposed to the Plan as we do not believe it provides the necessary vision for our area, it will not deliver sufficient affordable housing, and lacks a credible plan for the infrastructure needed – roads, schools, drainage etc – to make the proposed development sustainable. This Plan is ill-conceived and was produced without engaging with local communities. It will also have a significant detrimental effect on our Neighbourhood Plan which so many worked so hard to produce and which tries to secure appropriate development for our area that will not erode its character.

We, together with RRAG will be fighting this Plan and doing everything we can to make a case to the examining Inspector that it should be found unsound.