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The RBWM Borough Local Plan Examination

The Borough’s proposed new Local Plan is now undergoing examination. The Inspector appointed has set dates for a Stage 1 Hearing (26-28 June) and has published a list of Matters, Issues and Questions she wishes to cover during this. To find out more, please visit the RBWM Examination website:

The Ascot, Sunninghill & Sunningdale Neighbourhood Plan Delivery Group, along with several other Parish Councils, Neighbourhood Plan groups and Residents and other community organisations, will be attending the Hearing and have asked to participate in it.

Borough Local Plan submitted for examination

The Royal Borough submitted the Borough Local Plan to the Secretary of State (which means the Planning Inspectorate) for examination. All documents are available to view on the Council’s website at:

The Plan submitted is the same Plan that was consulted on at Regulation 19, to which we strongly objected, sending in one submission as part of RBWM Residents Action Group (RRAG) and a supplementary one on more specific issues relating to our area. If you wish to read our submissions, go to the Library section of our website

The ASandS NPDG continues to be strongly opposed to the Plan as we do not believe it provides the necessary vision for our area, it will not deliver sufficient affordable housing, and lacks a credible plan for the infrastructure needed – roads, schools, drainage etc – to make the proposed development sustainable. This Plan is ill-conceived and was produced without engaging with local communities. It will also have a significant detrimental effect on our Neighbourhood Plan which so many worked so hard to produce and which tries to secure appropriate development for our area that will not erode its character.

We, together with RRAG will be fighting this Plan and doing everything we can to make a case to the examining Inspector that it should be found unsound.

Latest on the Borough Local Plan – July

NEWS UPDATE: The Borough have announced extension of closing date to 27 September. Please see latest post dated August 3rd for more information.

The Submission version of the Local Plan is now out for consultation with a closing date for Representations of 5pm Friday 25 August. To read the Plan, please download from the RBWM website here. We are preparing some guidance notes for those who may wish to use them to assist in their submissions; these will be available w/c 24 July and, if you are registered as a supporter, we will notify you by email.

Public Exhibition – Sunningdale Park, Larch Avenue, Sunningdale

Audley and Berkeley are currently working with the Cabinet Office to prepare a planning application for the redevelopment of the former Government training facility and hotel at Sunningdale Park.  They are holding a Public Exhibition to present their plans on Wednesday 28th June 2017 between 4pm and 8pm.

Representatives from both Audley and Berkeley and the project team will be available at the event to answer any questions. Please find enclosed a flyer giving further details.


URGENT – Petition calling on our Ward Councillors to vote AGAINST the Borough Local Plan

On Friday, we had first sight of the latest version of our Royal Borough’s Local Plan. Sadly, very few of the changes we asked for during the last consultation have been made. We believe this is a bad Plan that will harm the character of our area. 

Most other Neighbourhood Plan and other Local Residents Groups in the Borough feel the same way about this Plan, as do many Parish Councils. And we all feel that the Borough have totally failed to properly engage and consult with local communities in its preparation – against all principles of Localism, as set out in government planning policy.

An Extraordinary Council Meeting has been called for next Monday 19th June, at which Cllrs will be asked to vote for this Plan to go to its final formal consultation before examination (Note: this consultation is on process and legality only; we can’t get the content changed).

A PETITION has been started calling on all our local Ward Councillors to vote AGAINST this and to re-engage in proper consultation with local communities. Please sign this petition and stop this current Plan going ahead.

A website has also been set up where you can register for updates:
We are also encouraging as many people as possible to attend the meeting next Monday to demonstrate to the Councillors – who are our elected representatives – the strength of feeling against this Plan: Monday 19th June @ 7:30pm at the Town Hall, Maidenhead.

If this Plan were adopted, we would see a disproportionate amount of new development take place in our area with totally insufficient assurances that the infrastructure needed to make it viable will be forthcoming – roads, schools, water & sewerage etc. Also, the proposals for Ascot centre fail to reflect the aims and aspirations set out in our Neighbourhood Plan and will totally change the character of Ascot.

URGENT: Make your views heard on the Borough Local Plan – closing date 5pm Friday 13 January

We are outraged at the Borough Local Plan’s proposals for 30% increase in housing in Ascot and the Sunnings. And at the inclusion of policies which will negate much of what is in our Neighbourhood Plan.

We have prepared a draft or “template” to help local residents respond to RBWM’s consultation on the Borough Local Plan, available either as a Microsoft Word file or as a PDF.

Make sure you send in your Representations by the closing date which is 5pm on Friday 13 January 2017.


Consultation on the new draft Borough Local Plan – closing date Friday 13 January 2017

A draft for a new Borough Local Plan is now available on the RBWM website for public consultation, on the following link:
The Neighbourhood Plan Delivery Group is preparing a summary of key issues relating to this Plan which we’ll be circulating by email and posting on our website as soon as possible.
Closing date for consultation responses is Friday 13 January 2017.

Unacceptable Ascot Centre proposals – your views urgently needed by 19 December 2016

The proposals presented at the Open Day held by the promoters of Ascot Centre “regeneration” on Thursday 1st December were in the view of the ASandS Neighbourhood Plan Delivery Group totally unacceptable. In summary, they fail to deliver the vision developed by The Prince’s Foundation with the local community back in 2012 and do not respect what is included in our adopted Neighbourhood Plan. To read more about the original vision, click here.

You can read more about these new development proposals on the promoters website: This is also where you can respond to their proposals using their feedback form. Please do so and make sure your views are heard. Closing date is 19 December 2016.

We have prepared a summary, available here which sets out the considered views of the NPDG, reinforced by everything local residents told us when attending the open day.