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Ascot Centre development plans update – Open day on Thursday 1 December 2016 from 3pm-8pm with a presentation at 6:30pm

The consortium of landowners and promoters for development in Ascot Centre are holding an Open Day to update the local community on progress being made on creating a Development Brief. This will set out the broad structure and development principles for the regeneration of Ascot High Street and the centre of Ascot which will guide future planning applications. To read more, click here for a newsletter produced by the consortium.

The Open Day will be held at Ascot Racecourse on Thursday 1 December 2016 between 3pm – 8pm.

At 6:30pm The Princes Foundation, who were involved with the local community in the original consultations over Ascot Centre, will be hosting a talk outlining the background and progress of the proposals.

Everyone is invited to go along to contribute their views.

There is also a website set up by the consortium where you can register to receive update newsletters:

Questionnaire for Heatherwood site consultation available online

Following the community engagement event on the 4th August, Frimley Health have now made available the plans they showed at the event on their website

There is a Questionnaire available to complete online.

Closing date for feedback has been extended from 31st August 2016 now to the 15th September 2016.

Important public consultation event on the development of Heatherwood hospital site

Frimley Health are holding a community engagement event regarding the future development of the Heatherwood Hospital site. This will include some details on the “outline residential scheme”, so it’s really important that you come along and make your views heard.

The event is taking place on Thursday 4th August between 3pm and 7pm at the Ascot Authority Suite at Ascot Racecourse.

To read the full invitation, please click here.

Consultation and public event on new primary school places in Ascot, Sunninghill and Sunningdale

We need more primary school places in our area and RBWM is conducting a public consultation on how to provide them. Please feed back your views:

  • Complete a survey online at:
  • Attend a public meeting 7pm Monday 4th July  at Cordes Hall, Sunninghill

When we were producing our local Neighbourhood Plan, local residents raised the need for additional school places repeatedly as an issue. We are pleased that the RBWM has now officially recognised that new housing development in our area means that we will need more primary school places for our children. The demand is forecast to increase from next year (September 2017 intake) and to continue increasing for the following few years.

RBWM has launched a public consultation on how best to provide these new places and is asking for local community feedback on four specific options as well as any other ideas people may wish to put forward. (Note that some of the options will not be sufficient on their own but could potentially be in combination).

The consultation closes on 15th July 2016. Please respond and encourage local family, friends and neighbours to do so too. This is about the future of our children and we must get it right.


Public consultation: Development proposals for Nursing Home, Burleigh Road, Ascot – 3rd September 2015

Hamberley Development is promoting proposals to replace the existing and no longer in use 75-bedroom nursing home on Burleigh Road with a new 80-bedroom elderly care home that will be managed by Gracewell Healthcare. They are holding a Public Exhibition to share their proposals and invite feedback from local residents on Thursday 3rd September 2015 between 2pm-8pm at the Ascot Nursing Home, Burleigh Rd, Ascot SL5 7LD. Please go along and contribute your views.

To read their invitation letter and find out more, click here

Could you be a “planning champion” for your street/area/neighbourhood?

If you care about protecting the area we live in from inappropriate development, please consider playing a modest role as a “Local Area Planning Champion” which won’t take up a lot of your time.

We are looking for residents willing to be the eyes and ears for their local neighbourhood on planning applications and other planning matters, like Tree Protection Orders etc.

We are holding an open meeting for all those who may be interested on Wednesday 16th September 2015 @ 7pm at the WI Hall, at Bromhall Recreation Ground, Sunningdale. Please come along to find out more and decide then whether you can help.

How you can make a difference:

  • When an important planning application is submitted for a site in your neighbourhood, you would (with the help of more experienced members of the Neighbourhood Plan team) prepare a written objection to submit to the Royal Borough.
  • Talk to or visit or drop a leaflet around to your neighbours, encouraging them to also write in with their objections/comments.
  • This may only happen 2 or 3 times a year in an average area.
  • If you see or hear of developers flouting rules on a development (for example felling trees), you alert us and, if appropriate, contact RBWM.
  • There may also be occasions when we may call on the local champions to help with collecting data on parking or traffic when we’re trying to show a case for improving local infrastructure.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us please email us at

Oakfield Farm Development Public Consultation – Friday 17th July

Click here to read the invitation from Altitude (Ascot), the promoters of Oakfield Farm for development, to attend the public exhibition being held from 2pm-5pm this Friday 17th July 2015 and 10am-1pm on Saturday 18th July 2015 at Ascot Hall, Ascot Durning Library, High Street, Ascot SL5 7JF.

This is part of a further round of consultations on their emerging proposals to develop this site. The site is currently in use as a waste recycling centre, off Wells Lane. It is in a sensitive location as it is in Green Belt, part of the area that forms an important ‘gap’ that helps separate Ascot and Sunninghill, and also has a designated biodiversity green corridor running through it. On the positive side, the proposals would mean the waste recycling centre would go, to be replaced by a number of houses.

The size of the site and proposed development invoke Neighbourhood Plan policy NP/H1- Development Brief, requiring the promoter to consult with the local community and take our views into account in the proposals they finally submit in their planning application. So please, do go along to their public exhibition and contribute your views. To see a draft of the proposed site layout, click here.

Following the exhibition, an on-line feedback survey will also be available and we will put a link to this in a updated post.

Urgent need for more volunteers

Our Neighbourhood Plan was the product of a group of local residents who volunteered to do the research, undertake the consultations and produce the Plan. Over the last year, the NP Delivery Group, mainly through its Committee, has been active in championing the implementation of the NP aims and objects and, in particular its policies. It has all been very worthwhile (see Post on the Neighbourhood Plan’s success). But the workload is being borne by a relatively small number of people and we urgently need more volunteers to help. This is your Plan, for where you liveIf you care about the character of your area, please consider contributing to its protection.

Urgent! Volunteer needed as “Planning Applications Coordinator”

  • Someone who can offer around half a day a week on a fairly regular basis
  • With reasonable computing and web browsing skills (but nothing technical)
  • A good administrator
  • Does NOT require any knowledge of planning!
  • For more details on what this role involves, please click here.

Local area planning “champions”

Most people become involved in “planning” when something happens in their local area which directly affects them. One of the roles of the NP Delivery Group, in addition to submitting responses to all relevant planning applications, is to encourage local residents to respond individually to planning applications in their immediate area, and advising on policies that apply.  But to continue doing both these roles, we need to spread the workload across more people so we’d like to encourage volunteers to become “Local area planning champions”.

  • When a planning application is submitted for your area, consider the detail of it and whether it should be objected to or supported
  • Especially if it should be objected to, prepare a draft objection letter, based on policy considerations
  • Canvass local residents (ideally building up an email circulation list for this purpose) and encourage them to all write in to RBWM
  • If this role was shared among a  number of Local area champions, it would probably only involve 2 or 3 applications a year!

Join the NP Delivery Group Committee

The Committee meets every couple of months and coordinates the activities of the NP Delivery Group. We are always keen to hear from local residents who would be interested in joining it and contributing – especially needed are any with an interest in or knowledge of planning.

Neighbourhood Plan a great success

It is nearly 12 months since our Ascot, Sunninghill and Sunningdale Neighbourhood Plan was adopted by the Royal Borough and its policies became part of the Development Plan. Since then, we have seen these policies have a major and very positive impact in determining planning applications, with many applications which would have a detrimental effect on our area’s character being refused.

We have been especially pleased to see many appeals successfully dismissed by Planning Inspectors, including ones in:

  • Sunning Avenue, Kier Park, Devenish Lane and Cross Road in Sunningdale
  • London Road in Ascot
  • Coronation Road and Whynstones Road in South Ascot
  • Highclere in Sunninghill

In all these appeals, a key reason for dismissal was the harmful effect the development will have on the character of the area, based on the policies set out in our Neighbourhood Plan.

We have also over the last year experienced developers and landowners seeking more and more to engage with us, and with the local community more generally, in consultation over future development plans. This is very encouraging and will hopefully lead to our area seeing more appropriate development taking place.

Fountain application withdrawn

We were relieved to hear on Friday that RBWM Leisure Services have decided to withdraw the planning application for the illuminated jet fountain on the Heatherwood roundabout.

We had met with them and other interested parties earlier in the week and explained the main reasons for our objection:
– Although this is not a planning issue, there was strong feeling among the local community that there are better ways of spending public funds
– From a planning perspective, the Heatherwood roundabout is in Green Belt and this would constitute inappropriate development, without there being any Very Special Circumstances to justify it
– It is not in keeping with the character of the area and concern over potential impact on trees on the roundabout
– Our biggest concern however was safety: a RBWM Highways Safety Audit specifically advised against locating a fountain here as “it may directly lead to driver distraction and collisions”.

There has also been some confusion created by incomplete or confused communication about this fountain being linked to a proposal for a war horse memorial as well as a commonwealth commemoration involving several flags, which could also impact on road safety. We understand that the concept originally diid include all these elements, but the planning application only related to the fountain. We wish to stress that, in line with what local residents have said to us, the NP Delivery Group is in favour of a war horse memorial, provided funds can be raised for it by public or corporate subscription. We have also put forward the suggestion that this should ideally be located somewhere where as many people as possible can see and appreciate it. One such option would be as a centrepiece to a open piazza that will, we hope, form part of the rejuvenated centre of Ascot.