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Update on fountain on Heatherwood roundabout

Following our email regarding the planning application to build an illuminated jet fountain on the Heatherwood roundabout, we received around 60 responses supporting our objection to this proposal and 2 who were in favour of it.

We represented these views at the planning panel. There were mixed views among the panel members and the decision was taken to defer the application for two cycles (which means 8 weeks) for the promoters of the scheme to provide more detailed information. The panel also put on record that they wished to encourage the promoters to fully engage and consult with the local community on it.

We have so far heard nothing further. We have written to RBWM planning department, to the panel Chair and to the ward Councillors, stating our willingness to engage in any discussions and consultations.


Do we really want an illuminated jet fountain and flagpoles on the roundabout at Heatherwood?!

RBWM have submitted a planning application to spend an unstated amount of money from S106 Developer Contributions on building an illuminated jet fountain surrounded by flagpoles on the Heatherwood roundabout. This also involves removal of some trees in order to build an access for maintenance. The Neighbourhood Plan Delivery Group has objected to this application, which was not consulted on with the local community and which we believe is neither appropriate to the character of our area nor a good use of developer contribution funds. To read our submission to this application, please click here.

The application is tabled for a decision at the Planning Panel next Wednesday 7th January 2015.

If you wish to make your own comment to the Planning Department, you can send an email to: with the heading “Roundabout at Heatherwood application 14/03546”

Or email us your views at:

Consultation deadline on Oakfield Farm 27 December

Following a public exhibition that was held on 5th and 6th December, the promoters of the Oakfield Farm site have made available the exhibition boards, which you can download here:

Oakfield Farm exhibition material (WARNING: this is a large file size of 12Mb)

There is also a FEEDBACK FORM, which you can complete and return by email: Oakfield Farm Feedback formThe CLOSING DATE for submitting the form is 27th December 2014.


  • We are strongly opposed to any development beyond the extent of the area which is considered to be a “previously developed site”. Based on the map provided by Altitude, this excludes the field that is between the main part of the waste transfer site and Wells Lane and the large oval area to the east.
  • We believe that the number and size of dwellings being proposed is excessive and will make it difficult for the development to conform with NP/EN1 – Gaps (as well as NPPF paras 87-89 and RBWM LP policies)
  • We would like to see any development comply with policy NP/H2 by providing a mix of dwellings, especially small and medium houses, to reflect the smaller scale Victorian housing nearby. Policy NP/DG2 is also relevant
  • Any works necessary to address the fact that the site is in Flood zone 1 must respect the green corridor that runs through the site and ensure there is no adverse impact on local biodiversity. This means that details on how the site layout, boundary fences etc will allow for the natural movement of flora and fauna to take place will need to be considered at a very early stage of any scheme development (reference policies NP/EN4 and NP/EN5)
  • Trees and high hedging is an important characteristic of our area that the local community places a high priority on protecting. The site is covered by a TPO and our policy NP/EN2 – Trees also applies. In particular, we expect to see large, mature trees and trees that contribute to the sylvan and wooded character of the area retained
  • All the requirements set out by policies NP/DG3 – Good Quality Design, NP/DG5 – Energy Efficiency and Sustainability, NP/T1 – Access and Parking and NP/T2 – Cycle Routes also apply

Update on Sunningdale Park public consultation

The update session on the future of Sunningdale Park took place as planned on 3rd and 4th December. A number of local residents turned up to view the public exhibition set up by the Cabinet Office and copies of these boards are available to download from the Sunningdale Park website (see below).

The site is due to become vacant for purchase by May 2017, until which time it will continue to be operated by De Vere Venues. The Cabinet Office have promised to continue keeping local people informed about any developments and what will happen after 2017. A website has been set up for more information:

Have your say on Ascot Heath School and GB development – consultation closes 4th December

Bracknell Forest Council are consulting the local community on the proposals mentioned in a previous post (Proposal for development in GB in North Ascot) to build a new, larger Ascot Heath School and fund this by building 50 new homes on the current school site. This is proving very controversial with many residents as it involves building in Green Belt.

To have your say in this consultation, go to the Bracknell Forest website:

Consultation period ends Thursday 4th December 2014.

Proposal for development in Green Belt in North Ascot

This proposal relates to Ascot Heath School and the Green Belt land opposite. While not in our Neighbourhood Plan area, this is part of North Ascot and of interest to many of our local residents.

Like most primary schools in our area, Ascot Heath is at capacity. The proposal under consideration is to permit a new, larger school to be built on the Green Belt opposite, funded by the building of 50 houses on the present Ascot Heath school site. Bracknell Forest Council seem to favour this as it helps provide funds for a new school. Local residents however strongly oppose this proposal and have set up a campaign site to get their views heard:

The NP Delivery Group recognises the need to provide additional school places, as we are in the same position in our area (and we have a project team working on trying to identify ways forward). But we are deeply concerned that proper consideration has not been given to alternative options that would allow this GB green space to be retained; for example, building on the back of the plot the school is on. Without full consideration of this and any other alternatives, no case can be made for the “Very Special Circumstances” that would justify sacrificing the valued area of Green Belt that is under threat.

Public consultations took place on the 11th to 13th November, which we didn’t hear about in time to inform you. However, for more information we suggest you go to the Ascot Heath Campaign site mentioned above or to Bracknell Forest Council’s statement on their website:


Beechcroft Close (nicknamed the “Colditz of Sunninghill”) goes to appeal

The Beechcroft Close development, just by the roundabout of Sunninghill Rd and the A329 London Rd, has been nicknamed by local residents as “The Colditz of Sunninghill”, who dislike its towering height and urban-style density.

Beechcroft-Close-(Claremont)_3-LRThis development was granted approval prior to our local Neighbourhood Plan coming into existence. While we may dislike it, had it been built in accordance with the approved drawings, we would have to accept it.
What however has been built on at least 3 of the plots is not what was approved and the developer has now applied for a “certificate of lawfulness” for it. This was refused by Borough Councillors at the planning panel (with the whole-hearted support of both the parish council and the NP Delivery Group) but the developer is now appealing this decision.

We believe we should support the Borough in fighting the appeal and make sure that the appeal inspector is aware of the strength of feeling about this in the local community. But our arguments have to be based on planning grounds and not mere dislike of the development.

Our Objection to this appeal is based on the following:

(a) the increased height of the houses on Plots 2 and 3 is significant (over 10%) and results in poor design that is detrimental to the character of the area

(b) the increased height of the house on Plot 1 makes it over-bearing on the streetscene and is out of character for its location on the edge of a Victorian village

(c) the mitigation measures being proposed are insufficient to address these issues

(d) the developer has shown complete disregard for national and local planning policy and has built an unlawful development. This must not be allowed to set a harmful precedent.

If you agree, and wish to support the Borough in fighting this appeal, we ask that you email the Planning Inspectorate with your views. You must give your name and address and also the Planning Reference numbers:
Pins ref: APP/TO355/A/14/2224744
Planning Ref: 14/01578/VAR; 1-6 Beechcroft  Close, Ascot

Closing date for comments is 27th October 2014. If you would like to see the NP Delivery Group’s full submission, you can download it here: Beechcroft NP DG appeal written submission Oct 2014

Important government support for protecting the Green Belt

New guidance published on 6th October 2014 reaffirms the government’s support for the Green Belt as well as for Local Plans (which includes adopted Neighbourhood Plans). Eric Pickles  (Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government) said:

“This government has been very clear that when planning for new buildings, protecting our precious green belt must be paramount. Local people don’t want to lose their countryside to urban sprawl, or see the vital green lungs around their towns and cities to unnecessary development.”

Brandon Lewis (Planning Minister) said: “We have put Local Plans at the heart of the reformed, planning system, so councils and local people can now decide where development should and shouldn’t go.”

The new guidance includes the following: “Unmet housing need is unlikely to outweigh the harm to the Green Belt and other harm to constitute the “very special circumstances’ justifying inappropriate development on a site within the Green Belt”. This adds some much needed clarity to the importance of the Green Belt.

The AS&S NP Delivery Group welcomes this announcement, which supports the wishes of local people and reinforces the policies in our Neigbbourhood Plan and, notably, our policy on protecting the open gaps between our villages.

Over 60 people attended open event on 2nd July

An open event/workshop, organised by the AS&S NP Delivery Group was held last Wednesday 2nd July at Ascot Racecourse.

The agenda included:

  • The status of the Neighbourhood Plan
  • The Projects in the Plan that the community have said they would like to see delivered
  • The formation of the NP Delivery Group and its aims

Launch event photo 1 Launch event photo 2



Over 60 people were present and there was an opportunity to walk around and look at boards explaining more about the various Projects and also for people to meet each other.

Information will be circulated by email regarding the proposed way forward.

If anyone else is interested in hearing more about the Projects and/or the work of the NP Delivery Group, please email us through this website.