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Residential Parking Survey for Ascot, Sunninghill and Sunningdale

On-street parking on residential streets in our area is a major contributor to the challenges of addressing local traffic congestion and the desire to protect the character of our area – two of the priorities identified as most important by local residents when we produced our Neighbourhood Plan for Ascot, Sunninghill and Sunningdale.

We’re conducting a survey to find out more about current house-related parking and what local residents think should be the standard for new residential development. We will then use this as supporting evidence to try to influence the Royal Borough with respect to parking standards for new housing development.

Please click here to complete the survey online. CLOSING DATE IS FRIDAY 9th DECEMBER 2016.

Consultation and public event on new primary school places in Ascot, Sunninghill and Sunningdale

We need more primary school places in our area and RBWM is conducting a public consultation on how to provide them. Please feed back your views:

  • Complete a survey online at:
  • Attend a public meeting 7pm Monday 4th July  at Cordes Hall, Sunninghill

When we were producing our local Neighbourhood Plan, local residents raised the need for additional school places repeatedly as an issue. We are pleased that the RBWM has now officially recognised that new housing development in our area means that we will need more primary school places for our children. The demand is forecast to increase from next year (September 2017 intake) and to continue increasing for the following few years.

RBWM has launched a public consultation on how best to provide these new places and is asking for local community feedback on four specific options as well as any other ideas people may wish to put forward. (Note that some of the options will not be sufficient on their own but could potentially be in combination).

The consultation closes on 15th July 2016. Please respond and encourage local family, friends and neighbours to do so too. This is about the future of our children and we must get it right.


Cycle routes in Windsor Great Park

The Crown Estate has always been pleased to welcome cyclists to Windsor Great Park. To see all the routes where cycling is allowed, all of which are open during daylight hours, download this Cyclist-Leaflet-Windsor-Great-Park leaflet. To access a larger version of the map, click Cycling map Windsor Great Park.

Cycling from Ascot to Windsor

It is possible to cycle from Ascot to Windsor on a mainly no- or low-traffic route at any time during daylight hours:

  • Ride along New Mile Ride to Cheapside Road and Left into Watersplash Lane to enter Windsor Great Park at Ascot Gate
  • Cycle through the Park to exit through Ranger’s Gate
  • Cross the A332 Sheet Street at the pedestrian/horse crossing, controlled by lights
  • Follow the signs on to the marked cycle route (part of this is a flint surface which can get muddy when wet)
  • You will come in to Windsor at the Windsor FC car park
  • Cross over the B3022 and turn Left into Bulkeley Avenue. Follow the road up to Springfield Road, turn Right and then a 1st Left into York Avenue. There is a cycle underpass on the Right, just after York Road that takes you through to Vansittart Road, on into the centre of Windsor and the river.

A Bugs Day – Silwood Park July 10th

A themed open day at Silwood Park on July 10th from 2-6pm.

Adam Afriyie, the Conservative MP for Windsor will be opening the event.

Volunteers from local wildlife groups have offered their expertise to lead events such as building bug hotels, running the ever-popular pond-dipping parties and taking groups on bug hunts, there will also be a Bugs! photo competition and face-painting. Thanks to the scientists at Silwood there will be several scientific demos, exhibits and presentations. Children from Charters School, who have been working with a research team here at Silwood, will be presenting the results of their research on the day.

Please find some more information below.

Don’t forget to visit the Bugs! website and invite your friends to come on the day:

Please contact for more information and we can arrange for you to be introduced to our scientists and shown around.

Car lift share and better bus information

Bus Transport was one of the topics identified in our Neighbourhood Plan as important, and the NP Delivery Group has taken a lead, with a Project Team which is looking into the possibilities for a Village Hopper Bus and other organised transport services in the area.

There are some important developments about Bus Information and Car Lift Share services from the Royal Borough which we think you would find of interest: 

Car lift share scheme

RBWM have launched a Car Lift Share scheme aimed at Companies in the Borough.  The NP Delivery Group welcomes the introduction of this scheme, the aim of which is to reduce traffic and CO2 emissions and contribute towards building the community.  For details visit:

What is important now is the promotion, implementation and take-up of the scheme, as the benefits can only be achieved when people and companies sign up to it. If you work in the area, please look into this scheme and see if it’s appropriate for your company.

Better information about bus transport

The NPDG also welcomes the RBWM campaign to promote better information about bus transport.  While we do not have a large number of bus services in our area, many people may not be aware of the bus services that are available.  We therefore welcome this RBWM initiative to promote awareness of travel by bus.

The following are links to available Bus information:

Microsoft Word - Document3

Posters such as this are being used by RBWM to promote the new way to get bus information.

The NP Delivery Group Hopper Bus Project Team is now looking into the possibility of a Hopper Bus and other organised transport in our area. The Project Team believes further innovation is possible with the bus routes in our area, the potential for more shared transport services, and for yet further improvements to information about transport services.  The Project Team plans to carry out a consultation to understand more about what people in our area want from bus and other organised transport.

The Hopper Bus Project Team needs more volunteers.  If you would like to help, please email us at:


Have your say on Ascot Heath School and GB development – consultation closes 4th December

Bracknell Forest Council are consulting the local community on the proposals mentioned in a previous post (Proposal for development in GB in North Ascot) to build a new, larger Ascot Heath School and fund this by building 50 new homes on the current school site. This is proving very controversial with many residents as it involves building in Green Belt.

To have your say in this consultation, go to the Bracknell Forest website:

Consultation period ends Thursday 4th December 2014.

RBWM consult on secondary school places in our area

We know that there is real concern in the local community that there is a shortage of school places in our area. We are very pleased that the Royal Borough is conducting a consultation into the future of secondary school education throughout the Borough and specifically including Ascot, Sunninghill and Sunningdale and we urge you to contribute your views.

This is RBWM’s message to local residents:

“The number of children and young people needing secondary school education in the Royal Borough is going to rise over the next decade, and we need to make sure that there are enough school places for them.  We are now consulting you on proposals on how best to provide these places.  You can access the consultation, and an online response form, via the borough’s website at

Please take the time to read the consultation and respond.  Your views are important to us.  All responses received by Monday 3rd November will be considered by the Royal Borough’s Cabinet when it meets in December.”

The NP Delivery Group Schools Project team will also respond to this consultation. When preparing our response we found some of the questions quite difficult, requiring an understanding of the topic. RBWM has provided full background information to assist; we have tried to summarise from this the most relevant points in a document which is available to download here: Secondary Schools RBWM consultation explanatory notes

To go direct to the consultation response page, click on this linkRBWM secondary school places in Ascot area consultation response

Launch of Green Corridor Project with open meeting on 14th September

Around 25 people attended the open meeting at Silwood Park on “Help us protect our green spaces and wildlife”, one of the Projects identified in the Ascot, Sunninghill and Sunningdale Neighbourhood Plan. The meeting, supported by the NP Delivery Group and coordinated by Wildlife in Ascot, focused on the Green Corridors defined in the Plan.

Green Corridors

Work is due to commence on three of the corridors to start with. Blythewood Lane has been surveyed and significant hedgehog activity exists in the area. WIA will work with the Borough, the PTES and the local community to create a “Hedgehog Street” environment.

The owner of Granny Kettle wood, which is well known to many, wishes to use the site to set up a Forest School, a really exciting initiative which we will support.

Pat Morris, a world renowned expert on mammals, has agreed to give a talk and demonstration on how to survey for mammals in our corridors and we have plans to link with a landowner of a third corridor to make a start on this.

The meeting was really productive, recognising that person power is the overriding need and deciding on ways to try to inform and mobilise members of the local community by linking with media on a regular basis. More help is still needed for a range of activities, ranging from putting leaflets through doors, talking to landowners through to direct conservation work. If you think you can help, even on a small scale, please visit the Wildlife in Ascot website: or email

Biodiversity open event – Sunday 14th September at Silwood Park

Help protect our green spaces and wildlife
– open meeting Sunday 14th September from 3:30-5:30pm

One of the Projects in our Neighbourhood Plan identified as important by local residents is to protect and improve the biodiversity in our area, especially important as pressure from new development continues to be a challenge. We are supporting the Wildlife in Ascot group who are holding an open meeting on Sunday 14th September at Silwood Park. Silwood map

The meeting is being held in Building 6, Silwood Park (SL5 7PY); please use the main entrance on Buckhurst Road. See map for details.

Come and find out more about projects and activities to promote the protection of our local wildlife sites and green spaces, and the flora and fauna of our area – birds, butterflies, badgers, bats and ‘critturs” that live in local ponds, such as newts and dragonflies. We want to give our area’s biodiversity a more important focus in the planning process.

Everyone can help contribute:

  • Mapping out green corridors that are vital links between habitats for flora and fauna will allow us to identify proposed developments that are likely to run adjacent to or even on a green corridor, so that we can object to them
  • We cannot protect species under threat unless we know they’re there! Collecting data is critical and everyone can contribute by logging what you spot in your garden or when you’re out and about
  • Engaging with local residents through walks, talks and demonstrations will contribute to their appreciation of important habitats that form part of the rich biodiversity of our neighbourhood
  • Protecting the Local Wildlife Sites in our area will allow them to be enjoyed by all

So that we allow for enough biscuits (!) please try to let us know whether you are coming on the 14th, but even if you can’t tell us in advance, do please come anyway. Email:

New McLaren car showroom at Ascot station

Many of you may have already noticed that there’s activity around the old Clover Leaf garage by Ascot Station. The site is owned by Jardine Motors Group, who have commenced the building of an impressive new McLaren showroom – their first outside London. The new, state of the art facility will be the largest McLaren showroom in the UK and will offer the full range of models including the new 650S Coupe and the 650S Spider. It is expected the works will be completed by around October 2014.

For details of the approved planning permission for this development, please go to the RBWM website and search by application number for number 13/00198: RBWM planning access module.


This image gives some idea of what the development will look like

This site is not included in the area within the Ascot Station Site project in our ASandS Neighbourhood Plan, which remains a project for actioning.