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Consultation websites for Heatherwood and Shorts Yard

Frimley Health Trust have set up a section on their website for their consultations on the future of Heatherwood Hospital Site. At this stage, this is focused primarily on future plans for the hospital itself.

Shorts have also set up a website for their consultation on the potential future development of Shorts Yard to residential:

Shorts Yard consultation 19 and 21 May 2016

There is a public consultation on the future of the Shorts Yard site located on St. George’s Lane. They are considering options for redeveloping the site for housing and this is a preliminary consultation with the local community.

The drop-in exhibition will be held in St. George’s School between 19:30 until 21:30 on Thursday 19th May and from 10:00 to 14:00 on Saturday 21st May. Please go along and give your views and feedback.

If you cannot attend or wish to discuss matters separately, please contact Patrick Clark on 07860 921 065 or by email at


Heatherwood vision consultation 28 and 29 April

Frimley Trust are holding drop-in events at Ascot Racecourse on Thursday 28 April between 6pm and 8pm and Friday 29 April between 10am and 12 noon. They wish to share with the local community their thoughts and proposals for the future of the Heatherwood site and to solicit our views and feedback. Please go along if you can.

Heatherwood event flyer April 2016







You may also be interested to read Section 8.3 from our Ascot, Sunninghill and Sunningdale Neighbourhood Plan on Heatherwood as a designated strategic site, which includes policy NP/SS4.

Proposal for development in Green Belt in North Ascot

This proposal relates to Ascot Heath School and the Green Belt land opposite. While not in our Neighbourhood Plan area, this is part of North Ascot and of interest to many of our local residents.

Like most primary schools in our area, Ascot Heath is at capacity. The proposal under consideration is to permit a new, larger school to be built on the Green Belt opposite, funded by the building of 50 houses on the present Ascot Heath school site. Bracknell Forest Council seem to favour this as it helps provide funds for a new school. Local residents however strongly oppose this proposal and have set up a campaign site to get their views heard:

The NP Delivery Group recognises the need to provide additional school places, as we are in the same position in our area (and we have a project team working on trying to identify ways forward). But we are deeply concerned that proper consideration has not been given to alternative options that would allow this GB green space to be retained; for example, building on the back of the plot the school is on. Without full consideration of this and any other alternatives, no case can be made for the “Very Special Circumstances” that would justify sacrificing the valued area of Green Belt that is under threat.

Public consultations took place on the 11th to 13th November, which we didn’t hear about in time to inform you. However, for more information we suggest you go to the Ascot Heath Campaign site mentioned above or to Bracknell Forest Council’s statement on their website: