Focus on biodiversity

Project scope: Protecting and improving biodiversity

To encourage and support the aims and activities of the Wildlife in Ascot group which include:

  • Work with SPAE, Sunninghill and Ascot Parish Council’s Voluntary Biodiversity Officer and the Borough to consider how best to include greater focus on biodiversity in the planning process.
  • Collect data about the biodiversity of our area and what exists that needs to be protected, including surveys of breeding House Sparrows, Swifts and ancient trees and the potential for creating “Pocket Parks”.
  • Organise social events, walks, talks and demonstrations to engage local residents more in our natural habitat and wildlife.
  • Direct action such as:
    • Conservation work
    • Working with landowners who have green corridors going through their land with a view to trying to get these listed as nature reserves in the future
    • Working with landowners to encourage them to use their gardens as stepping stones for wildlife

Posts and Updates

15 April 2015

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14 September 2014

Launch of Green Corridor Project with open meeting on 14th September

Around 25 people attended the open meeting at Silwood Park on “Help us protect our green spaces and wildlife”, one of the Projects identified in the Ascot, Sunninghill and Sunningdale Neighbourhood Plan. The meeting, supported by the NP Delivery Group and coordinated by Wildlife in Ascot, focused on the Green Corridors defined in the Plan.

Green CorridorsWork is due to commence on three of the corridors to start with. Blythewood Lane has been surveyed and significant hedgehog activity exists in the area. WIA will work with the Borough, the PTES and the local community to create a “Hedgehog Street” environment.

The owner of Granny Kettle wood, which is well known to many, wishes to use the site to set up a Forest School, a really exciting initiative which we will support.

Pat Morris, a world renowned expert on mammals, has agreed to give a talk and demonstration on how to survey for mammals in our corridors and we have plans to link with a landowner of a third corridor to make a start on this.

The meeting was really productive, recognising that person power is the overriding need and deciding on ways to try to inform and mobilise members of the local community by linking with media on a regular basis. More help is still needed for a range of activities, ranging from putting leaflets through doors, talking to landowners through to direct conservation work. If you think you can help, even on a small scale, please visit the Wildlife in Ascot website: or email

1 September 2014

Help protect our green spaces and wildlife
– open meeting Sunday 14th September 

One of the Projects in our Neighbourhood Plan identified as important by local residents is to protect and improve the biodiversity in our area, especially important as pressure from new development continues to be a challenge. We are supporting the Wildlife in Ascot group who are holding an open meeting on Sunday 14th September at Silwood Park. Silwood map

The meeting is being held in Building 6, Silwood Park (SL5 7PY); please use the main entrance on Buckhurst Road. See map for details.

Come and find out more about projects and activities to promote the protection of our local wildlife sites and green spaces, and the flora and fauna of our area – birds, butterflies, badgers, bats and ‘critturs” that live in local ponds, such as newts and dragonflies. We want to give our area’s biodiversity a more important focus in the planning process.

Everyone can help contribute:

  • Mapping out green corridors that are vital links between habitats for flora and fauna will allow us to identify proposed developments that are likely to run adjacent to or even on a green corridor, so that we can object to them
  • We cannot protect species under threat unless we know they’re there! Collecting data is critical and everyone can contribute by logging what you spot in your garden or when you’re out and about
  • Engaging with local residents through walks, talks and demonstrations will contribute to their appreciation of important habitats that form part of the rich biodiversity of our neighbourhood
  • Protecting the Local Wildlife Sites in our area will allow them to be enjoyed by all

So that we allow for enough biscuits (!) please try to let us know whether you are coming on the 14th, but even if you can’t tell us in advance, do please come anyway. Email: