Latest on aircraft noise from Heathrow and NATS

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On 17th March, Heathrow released a statement admitting that, despite its constant assertion that nothing has changed and that we are all simply over sensitive to aircraft noise since the trials, actually something has changed.

The links below give the full story but  in summary:

On 27 June 2014 NATS made a procedural change affecting the Compton route, one of six departure routes used at Heathrow during periods of easterly winds. Heathrow was unaware of this change. The Compton route is used by 16% of departing aircraft turning west when the airport is on easterly operations, equating to around 6% of total departures. Other departure routes are not affected.

That NATS kept so quiet about this, even though it has been represented at all meetings, is nothing less than a disgrace.

That HAL did not uncover this information earlier confirms that it failed to instigate a sufficiently rigorous investigation into community complaints. Proof if it were ever needed that continued pressure by Community Groups is critically important, as is pressure on Ministers for an  independent investigation into the whole issue of increased aircraft noise.

This news does not solve the problem that many of us are suffering from continued aerial bombardment. We feel aircraft are flying lower and the Compton changes could well be one of the factors.

Heathrow Statement 17 Mar 2014

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