Neighbourhood Plan a great success

It is nearly 12 months since our Ascot, Sunninghill and Sunningdale Neighbourhood Plan was adopted by the Royal Borough and its policies became part of the Development Plan. Since then, we have seen these policies have a major and very positive impact in determining planning applications, with many applications which would have a detrimental effect on our area’s character being refused.

We have been especially pleased to see many appeals successfully dismissed by Planning Inspectors, including ones in:

  • Sunning Avenue, Kier Park, Devenish Lane and Cross Road in Sunningdale
  • London Road in Ascot
  • Coronation Road and Whynstones Road in South Ascot
  • Highclere in Sunninghill

In all these appeals, a key reason for dismissal was the harmful effect the development will have on the character of the area, based on the policies set out in our Neighbourhood Plan.

We have also over the last year experienced developers and landowners seeking more and more to engage with us, and with the local community more generally, in consultation over future development plans. This is very encouraging and will hopefully lead to our area seeing more appropriate development taking place.