New Heathrow flight paths trial over Ascot and Sunningdale

Another trial of new Heathrow flight paths is scheduled to commence on 25th August and run until 26th January 2015.

The purpose of these trials is to reduce the intervals between take-offs by using more departure routes and routes which diverge more significantly from each other than the current ones. This would enable Heathrow to accommodate more departures while meeting the requisite safety criteria and is being presented as being part of the Civil Aviation Authority Future Airspace Strategy.

There are six new routes, three of which will track over our area, compared with one currently.

Heathrow flight paths trial

Heathrow flight paths trial

The map shows the new routes, one tracking southwest over Cheapside, another west of the racecourse where it turns south, and the third tracking southwest over Sunningdale to Lightwater. The current flight path is marked in black.

By the time aircraft are in our area they will be at 3000 feet or higher.  There is no information about the frequency of departures on these routes.

Airplane flight routes are outside the scope of the Neighbourhood Plan and hence of the activities and responsibilities of the NP Delivery Group. If any individuals or groups wish to comment or complain we suggest you contact HACAN ClearSkies, a “campaigning organisation for those under the Heathrow flightpath”, at or Heathrow Airport action website:

You can also email the department that deals with noise complaints at Heathrow: