RBWM consult on secondary school places in our area

We know that there is real concern in the local community that there is a shortage of school places in our area. We are very pleased that the Royal Borough is conducting a consultation into the future of secondary school education throughout the Borough and specifically including Ascot, Sunninghill and Sunningdale and we urge you to contribute your views.

This is RBWM’s message to local residents:

“The number of children and young people needing secondary school education in the Royal Borough is going to rise over the next decade, and we need to make sure that there are enough school places for them.  We are now consulting you on proposals on how best to provide these places.  You can access the consultation, and an online response form, via the borough’s website at http://www.rbwm.gov.uk/web/ed_consultations.htm.

Please take the time to read the consultation and respond.  Your views are important to us.  All responses received by Monday 3rd November will be considered by the Royal Borough’s Cabinet when it meets in December.”

The NP Delivery Group Schools Project team will also respond to this consultation. When preparing our response we found some of the questions quite difficult, requiring an understanding of the topic. RBWM has provided full background information to assist; we have tried to summarise from this the most relevant points in a document which is available to download here: Secondary Schools RBWM consultation explanatory notes

To go direct to the consultation response page, click on this linkRBWM secondary school places in Ascot area consultation response