RBWM extend deadline for Reg 19 Local Plan consultation to Wednesday 27 September

The Royal Borough have announced that they are extending the Reg 19 BLP consultation to Wednesday 27 September, following “queries from residents and local resident groups who were concerned that earlier press releases and library communications did not accurately explain the procedure for making representations”.  The press release also stated that they will be “clarifying” that “any person may make representations about any aspect of the BLP”.

This is now a totally different message to that set out in those previous communications and we believe is the direct result of the challenge sent to the Borough by RBWM Residents Action Group, an association of local residents and organisations including AS and S NPDG.  On 21st July a legal opinion from John Hobson QC was sent by “RBWM RAG” to the Borough, which stated that their approach to the Reg 19 consultation was unlawful, that the process was unduly restrictive and misleading, and that the consultation should be abandoned and a fresh consultation process commenced. This is what the Borough has finally decided to do; but it’s regrettable that it took a legal opinion to persuade them to change their minds and consult properly with local residents.

In the next 2 weeks we will publish on our website Briefing Notes to help anyone who wishes to submit representations to this Reg 19 consultation.