Urgent need for more volunteers

Our Neighbourhood Plan was the product of a group of local residents who volunteered to do the research, undertake the consultations and produce the Plan. Over the last year, the NP Delivery Group, mainly through its Committee, has been active in championing the implementation of the NP aims and objects and, in particular its policies. It has all been very worthwhile (see Post on the Neighbourhood Plan’s success). But the workload is being borne by a relatively small number of people and we urgently need more volunteers to help. This is your Plan, for where you liveIf you care about the character of your area, please consider contributing to its protection.

Urgent! Volunteer needed as “Planning Applications Coordinator”

  • Someone who can offer around half a day a week on a fairly regular basis
  • With reasonable computing and web browsing skills (but nothing technical)
  • A good administrator
  • Does NOT require any knowledge of planning!
  • For more details on what this role involves, please click here.

Local area planning “champions”

Most people become involved in “planning” when something happens in their local area which directly affects them. One of the roles of the NP Delivery Group, in addition to submitting responses to all relevant planning applications, is to encourage local residents to respond individually to planning applications in their immediate area, and advising on policies that apply.  But to continue doing both these roles, we need to spread the workload across more people so we’d like to encourage volunteers to become “Local area planning champions”.

  • When a planning application is submitted for your area, consider the detail of it and whether it should be objected to or supported
  • Especially if it should be objected to, prepare a draft objection letter, based on policy considerations
  • Canvass local residents (ideally building up an email circulation list for this purpose) and encourage them to all write in to RBWM
  • If this role was shared among a  number of Local area champions, it would probably only involve 2 or 3 applications a year!

Join the NP Delivery Group Committee

The Committee meets every couple of months and coordinates the activities of the NP Delivery Group. We are always keen to hear from local residents who would be interested in joining it and contributing – especially needed are any with an interest in or knowledge of planning.