Village Hopper Bus

Project scope:
“To work with local bus companies, the Parish Councils, RBWM and any other interested stakeholders to establish a “Village Hopper Bus” service, using smaller buses to work a circular route around all our village centres – Ascot and South Ascot, Sunningdale, Sunninghill, Cheapside and North Ascot, also stopping off at Ascot and Sunningdale stations.

To run at regular, frequent times throughout the day and early evening, to enable its use by shoppers, workers and commuters.”

The NP Delivery Group Hopper Bus Project Team

This Team was set up in September 2014 to consider how to take this project forward. Discussion at the first meeting, together with some preliminary work,  indicated that the provision of a Hopper Bus service would require high usage and/or significant subsidy.

To understand potential usage, the project team feels they need to assess the real requirement for bus services and the prospect of any other transport alternatives satisfying the need. The starting point is to ask what are the gaps in the market for local transport and what new services would people actually use.

The Team is now looking into the possibility of a Hopper Bus and other organised transport in our area. The Team believes further innovation is possible with the bus routes, the potential for more shared transport services, and for yet further improvements to information about transport services.  The Team plans to carry out a consultation to understand more about what local people want from bus and other organised transport.

Posts and Updates

29 November 2014

Car lift share and better bus information

Bus Transport was one of the topics identified in our Neighbourhood Plan as important, and the NP Delivery Group has taken a lead, with a Project Team which is looking into the possibilities for a Village Hopper Bus and other organised transport services in the area.

There are some important developments about Bus Information and Car Lift Share services from the Royal Borough which you may find of interest: 

Car lift share scheme

RBWM have launched a Car Lift Share scheme aimed at Companies in the Borough.  The NP Delivery Group welcomes the introduction of this scheme, the aim of which is to reduce traffic and CO2 emissions and contribute towards building the community.  For details visit:

What is important now is the promotion, implementation and take-up of the scheme, as the benefits can only be achieved when people and companies sign up to it. If you work in the area, please look into this scheme and see if it’s appropriate for your company.

Better bus information

The NPDG also welcomes the RBWM campaign to promote better information about bus transport.  While we do not have a large number of bus services in our area, many people may not be aware of those that are available.  We welcome RBWMs initiative to promote awareness of bus travel.

The following are links to available Bus information:

Microsoft Word - Document3

Posters such as this are being used by RBWM to promote the new way to get bus information.

The Hopper Bus Project Team needs more volunteers.  If you would like to help, please email us at:




Hopper Bus Project founding meeting minutes