Ascot, Sunninghill and Sunningdale Neighbourhood Plan Delivery Group

Ascot, Sunninghill and Sunningdale Neighbourhood Plan

The Plan influences the type and nature of development that can take place in our area. Our Plan was produced by a team of over 50 local residents, all volunteers, and reflects the majority views of our community following wide ranging consultation.

The Plan was subject to examination by an independent examiner and was then put to all electors in the two parishes of Sunninghill & Ascot, and Sunningdale, to vote on in a public referendum that took place on 27th March 2014. It received a YES vote by an overwhelming majority of 91% of voters. It has since been adopted by the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead and forms part of its Development Plan. This means that

planning applications in our area are now decided on the basis of national policy, the Borough Local Plan and our local Neighbourhood Plan.

A summary of the Plan is available here: AS&S NP Highlights Summary

To download a copy of the entire Plan, click here.

The main aims of the Plan are to:

  • Protect our green and leafy environment and our trees

  • Retain the openness of the gaps between our villages

  • Ensure that the right type of homes are built in the right locations to protect the character of our area

  • Delivery a better mix of housing types

  • Encourage local biodiversity and the protection of green corridors

  • Support our high streets and protect local employment

  • Improve cycling, pedestrian routes and parking.

There is also a requirement for the local community to be consulted at an early stage on proposals for significant new developments and on all the nominated strategic sites.

Development Brief and Statement of Consultation Information Pack

We’ve produced an Information Pack, primarily for site promoters, developers, landowners and their advisers on the Neighbourhood Plan policy on Development Briefs and the requirements of Community Consultation.

Any queries on the information contained, please email:

The Information Pack is available here: ASandS NP DG Development Brief_Consultation Information Pack